Well, I think we also have to talk about the narrative, and making sure we’re starting at the beginning. You will find that the people doing the oppressing often want to start the narrative at a convenient point. They always want to start the story in the middle. Let’s start with a kid getting shot & killed…and left in the street for 4 hours. I’ve never seen a white body left in the street for 4 hours in the sweltering heat…the cop doesn’t call in the shooting…the body isn’t put in an ambulance, it’s shuttered away in some shady, unmarked SUV. There’s a lot of bizarre behavior going on, and THAT is the story. That is where we need journalism. That is where we need that element of our society to kick into gear, and not keep playing a loop of what a kid did apparently in a convenience store. We need journalism to kick in and start telling the story from the begiining, this is about finding justice for a kid that was shot, an 18 year old that was shot, period. And this idea that he stole a handful of cheap cigars, what’s that, $5 bucks from a convenience store? I’ve lived in white suburbs of this country for a long time. I’ve known plenty of white kids who steal stuff from a convenience store. This idea that every time a black person does something, they automatically become a thug worthy of their own death…we don’t own drug crimes. We’re not the only ones that sell and do drugs all the time, we’re not the only ones that steal, we’re not the only ones that talk crazy to cops. You know there’s a complete double standard, a completely different experience that a certain element of this country has a privilege of, of being treated like human beings…and the rest of us are not treated like human beings…Period. And that needs to be discussed. That is the story” - Jesse Williams 


okay marvel we’ve had a tree and a raccoon i think we can handle a super heroine movie

Eartha Kitt. Photographed by Gordon Parks. (1952)
"This industry breeds self-involvement. But I’ve a brother who will find me and fart on me if I start pulling that crap."
Chris Pratt, Irish Idependent Insider (2014)


Hans Fredrik Gude

Costume DesignBarbarella (1968)

by Paco Rabanne and Jacques Fonteray